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This is exactly where our success begins.

We have remained loyal to our line of training apprentices for many years and constantly invest in the high-quality training stets of our young and motivated apprentices. Meanwhile the company HORN has trained more than 130 apprentices since 1985 and without exception they have successfully concluded their apprenticeships. That means our success rate is 100%.

Modern training shop

You will probably find one of the most modern training shops in Austria on our premises. What is really great is the optimal coordination we provide between the training shop and production. After basic training in the training shop, work is allowed immediately in production. Primarily your trainer is responsible for your training. He is intensively supported by our production managers. They can all fall back on years of practice and some have already completed their apprenticeship with us.

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Horn is a
State Approved Training Company

Since the autumn of 2013 we are also proud to be a “State Approved Training Company” as per §30a of the Vocational Training Act. This honour was awarded to us by the Trade and Industry Secretary of that time, Dr. Mitterlehner in the Marble Hall in the Department of Trade and Industry. Very few companies receive this award and it confirms the exceptional quality of our training.

Where team spirit welds together!

We focus on the promotion of young talent with our own modern training workshop and an attractive bonus system for good performance!

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Apprentice Success Story
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MAG Schweißen

Metal technician
Module mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering technicians repair, assemble and build machines and plants and put them into operation. The focus of the apprenticeship lies in the assembly and welding of machine parts and in tank construction. They process metals and operate computer-controlled plants and equipment. During their work they apply metal-processing methods such as milling, drilling, lathing, tapping, welding and soldering.

Metal technician
Module machining

Machining technicians produce metal and plastic components while using metal and chipping cutting work processes. They process the workpieces on conventional machines or operate computer-controlled (CNC) plants. Their products include components and machine parts such as axles, shafts, bearings, bolts and gears. They plan the work steps, select the necessary materials and reference parts and manufacture the workpieces according to technical plans and specifications.


Final apprenticeship examination 2019: 4x Excellent Success and 1x Good Success

Apprenticeship period

A metal technician apprenticeship takes 3 ½ years. In the first three years, nine weeks and in the last half-apprenticeship-year 4 weeks are spent in the Knittelfeld vocational school. If a 3-year technical school (e.g. agriculture and forestry school) is attended, the apprenticeship time is shortened to 2 ½ years.


Your first step toward a career at Horn

In the frame of the professional training weeks we cordially invite you to complete the discovery days on our premises and to actively participate for a few days. During this time you can get a picture of the quality of our company and the training.

Mail your applications with a hand-written c.v. along with your secondary school diploma plus the most recent school report for the current year by the end of the year. The subsequent acceptance tests are held at the latest during the semester break. You will receive an invitation from us in good time for that (appointment date). Apprenticeship start: our new apprentices start always start their apprenticeships on the 1st of September of each year.

You can personally bring or mail the complete documentation.
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