Tank construction & Mechanical engineering

From cutting to surface treatment with stainless steel and stainless steel

We fabricate all components according to your specifications from cutting to surface treatment. To accomplish that we provide you with nearly a 100% proportion of skilled workers from our own apprenticeship training.

The Horn manufacturing chain:

Core competence

  • Individual fabrication and job lots up to a max. unit weight: of 20 t
  • Pressure tanks with/without TÜV, heat exchangers, unpressurised tanks
  • Welded tubes, pipelines and pipeline components incl. assembly
  • Feed screws
  • Construction parts – mechanical engineering components – constructional steel
  • Hard-face welding (PTA method)
  • Pump construction
details welding technology

Quality assurance

We have extensive required
certifications and permits

  • EN ISO 9001:2008
  • AD 2000-HP0, §14 Boiler Law
  • Authorisation to transfer markings for 3.1/EN10204
  • EN 1090 for C-stainless steel to EXC 4, AL to EXC 2
  • Welding permit ÖNORM EN ISO 3834-2
  • Destructive tests (RT, PT, UT) on premises by a partner company
our certificates

Various application areas
& Processed materials

food industry
plastics producing and processing industry
oil handling technology
power plants (hydro power, wind power)
paper industry
general engineering
pharmaceutical industry
processed materials
Cr-Ni steels (1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4404,…)
heat-resistant steels (1.4841, 1.4878,…)
duplex (1.4462, 1.4162,…)
carbon steel (S235, S355, P265GH,…)
aluminum, special alloys
wear resistant steels e.g.
hardox fine-grained steel


We provide competence and manpower for processing standard steel and stainless steel in the area of tank construction and mechanical engineering, but we also have many years of expertise in the area of mechanical machining and thermal coating.

Edith Gutschelhofer

Division Management Tanks & Mechanical Engineering,

Blank Cut Forming, Skilled Worker Leasing

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