Skilled worker leasing

You cannot buy 35 years of experience. But you can lease it.

With more than 35 years of sector experience in manufacturing in the metal industry, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you also with exactly the right skilled workers to meet your needs. Our metal processing company with its various areas of competency is always available in the background for support.

our company

Fitters, welders and mechanics with technical experience and training in our manufacturing.

Our employees’ skills:

All employees who are deployed are skilled workers that work in our manufacturing operation and that naturally have qualifications such as welder’s certificate for standard steel and/or stainless steel along with additional qualifications such as crane and forklift permits.

Many of the employees have already gained many years of experience in their specialist areas – both as fitters, welders or mechanics in our own manufacturing production as well as during various deployments to which they have been sent.

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Uncomplicated handling
from the offer to accounting

Potential applications:

  • Overhaul and new installation of hydraulic power plants
  • Maintenance and overhaul work in diverse production plants
  • Welding work onsite at the construction site
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We provide you with our technical staff that has many years of experience in the area of tank construction and mechanical engineering, allowing us to offer you the very best price/performance ratio.




Edith Gutschelhofer

Division Management Tanks & Mechanical Engineering,

Blank Cut Forming, Skilled Worker Leasing

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